Club Best-All-Rounder competition

The objective is to encourage people to ride the 4-Hour by making it part of the club time trials package and not just a stand-alone event. Over a season we take a rider's best performances in the 10, 25 and 4-Hour and calculate the average speed, the system used in calculating the BBAR (British Best All Rounder). Our competition is based solely on performances in club events and ignores any performances in Opens. The existing Open events BAR, based on 25, 50 and 100 miles remains a separate award within the club. The Club BAR also adds weight to the idea of keeping the 4-Hour as a September event as the outcome is uncertain until the end of the season.

The rules are as follows:
Results are based on a rider's best 10 mile & 25 mile times recorded in Rugby RCC evening time trial series, plus distance recorded in Club 4-Hour.
2. Club Best-All-Rounder is calculated as the average speed from above 3 events. The method is a simple average, irrespective of distance.

Results of Club BAR in previous years:

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Club BAR 2005
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Club BAR 2010
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